The Car Cover Industry

The vehicle cowl has a long beyond. Many years ago the auto cowl got here to be. The automobile cover has been protective automobiles for approximately 50 years now. The car cover offers many benefits. Like keeping your car covered from the climate, dust, dirt and the bumps and scratches that your automobile will get hold of over the years. There are many locations you may acquire abuse in your car. When you have your vehicle parked within the driveway there are kids which can reason damage inadvertently simply gambling in the street. Then there’s the bumps and scratches you get whilst your automobile is inside the garage, from casting off the trash or just on foot by using it to get something buried in all that stuff you’ve got in your garage.

There are many patterns and forms of covers for all styles of vehicles. There are covers for vehicles, vans, SUV’s, vans, station wagons, limousines. There are covers for all of your ATV’s, RV’s and Motor Homes. There are covers for all your returned yard accessories, like tables, chairs, barbecues and extra. There are covers for all your automotive add-ons. Like wheel covers, sprint covers, seat covers and plenty of extra. I assume you could discover a cover for every want you have.

The cowl enterprise has come an extended way, the manufacturing procedure has been progressed in lots of methods, and the brand new substances in this field are a ways greater advanced. Years in the past whilst you purchased a cowl it became only a huge tent that you needed to tie down as high-quality you may. Today whilst you purchase a cowl it has been improved in lots of methods. They have hooked up elastic within the hem to assist the quilt to conform higher in the front and rear, supporting it to stay on better. There also are tie down grommets that you can use a cable lock or bungee cord to maintain the cover better inside the wind and prevent robbery.

Many companies offer incentives to buy there covers, from free shipping to locks and garage luggage. When you’re looking for a cover in your automobiles, RV’s, ATV’s or any other cowl you must keep around. On the Internet you’ll discover a huge range to choose from. Always test their transport policy and the warranties they provide on their products. Today there are numerous sorts of covers just like the custom, semi custom, bubble and extra. Do some studies before you purchase to select the quilt in order to work excellent for you.


Pogea Racing is very much remembered for its preparations based on the Fiat 500. But now the German coach, who specializes in Italian brands, presented his latest work involving the Alfa Romeo 4C, achieving a significant increase in power for the sporty engine, nothing less than doubling its original power.This new creation of Pogea Racing receives the name of Alfa Romeo 4C Nemesis and has undergone numerous mechanical modifications, which allowed to raise the power of its engine of four cylinders and 1.75 liters. Now the engine has 1.95 liters and countless new parts such as pistons, head, a new forged crankshaft and even a new turbocharger. In addition, their intake valves were replaced by larger diameter ones, obtaining a final power of 488 hp and a maximum torque of 535 Nm.The modifications also include a new exhaust system with carbon fiber exhaust and even a new transmission, plus a new engine ECU to allow the smooth operation of all these modifications.This impressive increase in power has considerably improved its performance, since it is now capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.6 seconds, ie one second below the original model, while the maximum speed now reaches 308 km / h.Regarding its exterior appearance, the 4C signed by Pogea Racing also had a revision, although the modifications have been slight. In the front part we highlight the bumper with larger air intakes, new side skirts and a huge rear aerofoil, all made of carbon fiber, in addition to 18-inch specific alloy wheels on the front axle and 19 inches on the rear axle. As for the interior, it also received minor modifications, with a new leather upholstery and Alcantara, in addition to several details in camaro car covers.



The Alfa Romeo sedan and SUV arrive at the New York Motor Show with a more aggressive look thanks to a new special edition, which takes its name from the color that shows some details of the body of the two models named ‘Nero Edizione’.In fact, it is an optional design package specially designed for the Giulia and Stelvio, which are available only in the two models sold in the United States, a way to boost sales of both in the US and continue to grow, as the Italian brand is currently doing.Although Alfa Romeo’s novelties with this special edition were limited to design alone – some expected something more in the form of a new mechanic or an optimization of those available on offer – the new package has specific details that contrast with body color , increasing the sportiness and the elegance that is only able to offer a color as it is black.This color is present in the finish of the alloy wheels – 20-inch in the case of the Stelvio and 19 in the Giulia – on the rim and in the interior hull-type mesh of the front V-shaped grille, on the rearview mirror housings and on the darkened bevels of the headlights, and the same treatment appears for the exhaust tips. Brake calipers are offered in black, red and yellow colors, while each of the models has specific decorative elements, as is the case of the Stelvio, which has a protection plate on the back with a darkened treatment , just as the ceiling rails are painted in glossy black. Common to both is the black and white mark emblem on the central alloy wheels’ covers, the embossing edge of the glazed surface and all the back cover and front mudflaps with the model name and version.This special-looking ‘Nero Edizione’ package is only offered in the four-cylinder, 2.0-liter turbocharged version with a maximum output of 280 hp, the only engine available for the basic versions of Alfa Romeo’s Giulia and Stelvio models.


Alfa Romeo will take advantage of the 2018 Geneva Motor Show to present a series of limited and special editions of some of its most passionate and extreme models. A clear example is the Nürburgring Edition series which will soon debut in the Alfa Romeo Giulia, as well as in the Alfa Romeo Stelvio. Both starting from the base of the Quadrifoglio finish, the most radical.Under the label ‘NRING’ comes an edition created by the Italian brand to celebrate the records obtained by these two models in the iconic Nürburgring circuit. Recalling that the Alfa Romeo Stelvio has the best record of its category with a lap time of 7 minutes and 51.7 seconds, making it one of the fastest SUVs in the world. For its part, the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio rode on the German track stopping the stopwatch in 7 minutes and 32 seconds.The production of both models will be limited to 108 units, so exclusivity will be guaranteed. Both the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio NRING, and the Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio NRING, come with a specific exterior and interior finish that allows them to quickly differentiate themselves from the other versions that make up their respective lines, especially the Quadrifoglio finish. However they are traits shared by the SUV and the sedan.The body is painted ‘Gray Circuit’, while in the cabin, in addition to finding an instrument panel decorated with inserts of carbon fiber, there will be an identification plate that will show the number of the unit purchased. All this is necessary to add the body kit, wheels, exhaust system, upholstery and other trims that equip the Giulia and the Stelvio Quadrifoglio as standard.Regarding the most relevant standard equipment offered by Alfa Romeo’s limited edition NRING, we can highlight: carboceramic brakes, Sparco racing seats with red seam and carbon structure, Mopar grip for shift lever, steering wheel lined in a combination of leather and Alcantara, active cruise control, Harman Kardon Premium sound system, Alfa Connect 3D Nav infotainment system with 8.8-inch screen, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and DAB, Mopar mats, Carbon Fiber Ceiling (Giulia).


The new Alfa Romeo Giulia Executive is already on sale in Europe. The line of the Italian sedan incorporates a new level of finish focused on capturing the interest of those customers that puts comfort, safety and connectivity before everything at the time of buying a car. Offering an excellent balance between sportiness and elegance, the Executive finish can already be configured.Abroad highlight the traits of Italian design, while in the interior was chosen a selection of materials to create a warm and comfortable. The Executive finish will be positioned one step above the most basic that are available to date in the line, which is composed as follows: Giulia, Super, Executive, Veloce and Green Quadrifoglio. Aesthetically, some of the most eye-catching elements of the new Alfa Romeo Giulia Executive are the exterior mirrors with enamelled casings, as well as the 17-inch-diameter Sport aluminum wheels. Among its technological equipment is the 8.8-inch touchscreen to use the Alfa Connect infotainment system that is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.The most relevant standard equipment offered by this new level of finish, which is already available in the configurator of Alfa Romeo, are: Driver Assistance Plus Pack, Convenience Pack, Climate Upgrade Pack, Connected Nav 8.8 Inch Pack, Sport Aluminum Wheels 17-inch, instrument panel with 7.7-inch TFT display, electrically folding exterior mirrors, smoking kit, multifunction leather steering wheel with integrated start button, leather and fabric upholstery, 25W xenon headlights, lights, tire pressure sensor, rain sensor, unintentional track alert, emergency braking assistant, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, parking sensors, etc.In relation to the mechanical part of the new Alfa Romeo Giulia with the Executive finish, there will be a varied number of options. For gas-fueled enthusiasts everything passes through a 2.0 liter turbo four-cylinder engine with 200 hp and 450 Nm of maximum torque, arising coupled with an eight-speed automatic transmission and a full-traction system.The diesel offering is more complete, as it offers a 2.2-liter turbocharged 150 hp engine and 380 Nm of maximum torque, coupled with a six-speed manual transmission. The engine is also available with automatic transmission, and the maximum torque increases to 450 Nm. The top of the diesel line is a 2.2-liter engine with 180 hp and 450 Nm combined with an eight-speed automatic transmission.


Italian preparer Romeo Ferraris showed off his latest work and this time involving the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Verde. The result obtained is even better than the one offered by the series model, which already has a beautiful yield of 510 hp thanks to its V6 engine of origin Ferrari.Romeo Ferraris’ experts have worked on various aspects of the exterior of the Giulia QV by addressing a few specific aesthetic details that can retain their essence but giving the Italian sedan an extra sense of sportiness. Certain carbon fiber elements have been added to cover the rearview mirrors, door handles and front splitter, as well as new 20-inch OZ alloy wheels.The interior has also been upgraded with the addition of some red carbon fiber elements on the steering wheel and black on the dashboard, center console, dashboard and door panels.In addition to the aesthetic part, the most important is related to the improvements introduced in its 2.8 liter V6 twin-turbo engine, which thanks to certain modifications in its ECU improved its performance by an additional 88 hp and a maximum torque that rose by 140 Nm.As a result, the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Verde prepared by Romeo Ferraris achieves a performance of 600 hp with a maximum torque of 740 Nm, sufficient power to allow it to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.5 seconds (0.4 seconds faster than the standard model) and reach a top speed of 317 km / h with a gain of 10 km / h over the original QV.In addition, a new exhaust system signed by the Italians of Ragazzon, which allows the adjustment of the sound emanating from the engine through a remote control, as well as adjustable springs and dampers, which were specifically designed by the Germans of Bilstein, is also released.


Alfa Romeo has just launched the Giulietta Sport, a version of the Italian compact that conveys a bit more sportiness.Although not more powerful or faster than the base version, the Giulietta Sport features 17-inch alloy wheels, sports body, contrast details and larger exhaust outlets. It is available in blue color which is normally reserved for the Veloce version.The Giulietta Sport also features a leather-wrapped steering wheel, cruise control and an Uconnect infotainment system with a 5.0-inch touchscreen.In mechanical terms, you can choose between a TB 1.4 petrol engine or a JTDM 1.6 diesel, both with 120 hp. Like the base version, the Giulietta Sport 1.4 accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 9.4 seconds, while the diesel version performs the same sprint in 10 seconds.The Italian manufacturer seeks to improve its image in relation to German rivals as a sports brand, the launch of the Giulietta Sport fits that goal, as well as plans to renew 4C in 2019 and then develop a new sport called 6C.